MiLibraryQuest logo with koalas, an open book and the text #MiLibraryQuest2021

You find a small primate with white tufts of hair coming off the side of its face.


Visit the MiLibraryQuest website here to identify this animal, continue the quest to discover more animals and enter for a chance to win a prize at the end of your adventure.

More than 150 libraries throughout Michigan have posted descriptions of interesting and unusual animals on their websites. Teens will search the websites of participating libraries to find the descriptions and use the Field Guide provided on MiLibraryQuest’s website to identify the animals.  They can enter for the chance to win a prize from their local library after identifying at least 20 animals.

Start exploring interesting and unusual animals on the websites of Michigan libraries and have the opportunity to win prizes!

Get started at https://milibraryquest.wixsite.com/quest1.  

MiLibraryQuest: Summer 2021 is a virtual event for teens ages 12-17.  The Quest begins on June 1 and ends on July 31. 

MiLibraryQuest is created by libraries throughout the state with support from the Library of Michigan.


Summer Reading registration is now open!
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