Summer 2018 Lecture Series


Age of Empire

Presented by:  Pamela Sayre, Henry Ford College


The fresco in the tomb of the Nomarch, Khnum-Hotep II, in Beni-Hassan
[Source: THE FIRST ARRIVAL OF “ASIATICS” IN EGYPT. Accessed: June 15, 2018.]


This six-week lecture series begins with discussion of the Hyksos, “… a Semitic people who gained a foothold in Egypt c. 1782 BCE at the city of Avaris in Lower Egypt, thus initiating the era known in Egyptian history as the Second Intermediate Period (c. 1782 – c. 1570 BCE).” [Source: Ancient History Encyclopedia. Date accessed: June 12, 2018.]  The lecture series concludes with the “Great Collapse” and the End of the Empire.

Mondays7:00 p.m.

July 16August 20

Please RSVP for the series in person or by phone at 734-283-1250.


Egyptian War Chariot

“… if it were not for the Hyksos, the Egyptian army would have been without two advantages which helped them establish their empire: the composite bow and the horse-drawn chariot. … The Egyptians had no knowledge of [these and other innovations] … until [they were] introduced by the Hyksos. [Source: Ancient History Encyclopedia. Date accessed: June 12, 2018.]


Week I July 16 The Hyksos
Week II July 23 The Early Empire
Week III July 30 Queens and Princesses of the New Kingdom
Week IV August 6 Akhenaten and the Sun Cult
Week V August 13 After the 18th Dynasty
Week VI August 20 The “Great Collapse” and the End of the Empire


Akhenaten (r. 1353-1336 BCE) Nefertiti (c. 1370 – c. 1336 BCE),
Wife of the pharaoh Akhenaten




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